May 2018 TruthToTell Archives

Continuity and Change: The Legal Rights Center of Minneapolis and the Metropolitan Council

TruthtoTell interviews James Hovland, Mayor of Edina on why he supports the Metropolitan Council and Michael Friedman, Executive Director of the Legal Rights Center, still serving the needs of American Indian (and other) community members five decades after its founding.

Following the Red Road: A Conversation with Native American Singer and Drummer Michael Norcross.

Still Marching:The Poor Peoples Campaign, 2018

The Reverend Martin Luther King launched the Poor People's Campaign in 1967-68. Fifty years later, poverty persists but so does the determination of a new generation of activists who are determined to eliminate  it.  TruthtoTell interviews Rob Eller-Issacs, Co-Past of Unity Unitarian Church and co-chair of thePoor People's Campaign Minnesota.

Cemeteries-​ Places for the Dead-and the Living: A Memorial Day Special

What do the ways we remember the dead, tell us about ourselves?  What can we learn about both past and present from spending time in cemeteries?  TTT interviews Jim Rogers, Director of the Irish Studies Program at the University of St.Thomas and author of Northern Orchards" Places Near the Dead.