July 2018 TruthToTell Archives

Right Wing/Left Wing: Two Perspectives on Minnesota and the Natio,

TTT begins its series of conversations with Minnesota gubernatorial candidates with Republican Mathew Kruse. In the second half of the hour, TTT talks with local local members of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) who are celebrating the victory of one their own: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who won the Democratic nomination for Congress from the Bronx. 

Can Good Policy "Trump" the Rural-Urban Divide and a Conversation with Hennepoin County Commissioner Peter McLaughlin

Who will be Minnesota's next Governor?   Just three weeks before the party promaries on August 14th, TTT talks with Republican endorsed gubenatorial candidate Jeff Johnson and DFL contender Tim Walz.  Both candidates discuss their stands on issues like abortion, guns, racial disparities and climate change and why they are running to be Minnesota's next governor.

Who Will be Minnesota's next Governor? Part 2.

TTT talks with DFL endorsed candidate for governor, Erin Murphy about her experiences as a nurse, union leader and DFL majority leader in the Minnesota House of Representatives; what she has learned in her campaign; and stands on issues ranging from health care to climate change; immigration to gun violence prevention.