July 2018 East of HERE, West of NOW with Nicholas David and Jackson Buck Archives

DJ Weston East makes his "East of Here… " debut! in addition to three, count'em, THREE! …versions of "East of the Sun (and West of the Moon)", you got overdosed on polkas by everybody from Frankie Yankovic (show opening theme) to Myron Floren (polka goes disco!), Jean Jacques Perrey (Moog-a-phonic-a-delia polka!), Ferko String Band (polka in vintage Philly mummers style!), The Spotnicks (polka goes surfin'!), and, believe it or not, "Pipeline Polka" by Brian Setzer, live with the Surfin' Trombones!

This installment of EOH was a collaboration between Michael Cyrs (leadoff hitter) and Weston East (baserunner) which began with Frankie Yankovich and ended with Ella Fitzgerald! Inbetween, you'll find Rolling Blackouts C.F., Santana, Todd Rundgren, Tina Charles, Shiina Ringo, Black Widows and more, including Sharkey Todd & the Monsters, predating Big Head Todd & the Monsters by decades! Different Todd, different Monsters, different nickname, different era… who could ask for anything more?!

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