July 2018 Temposphere Archives

Pam Hill filled in for Luke Andrews, bringing everything from rollerskating disco Hot Chocolate to afro-funk Cerrano remixing Amadou et Mariam to Femi Kuti finding Pam's beloved Jain and adding his signature sound to her hit "Come." She even sneaked in some (Kate) Earl and Combustible Edison! Thank you for tuning in and giving some Saturday-night love to Radio Without Boundaries. 

Pam Hill filling in once again for your usual Sonic Psychonaut. We begin tonight's ride with a tribute to Brother Tad of The Rockhouse, who brought us so many years of music joy before his passing on July 4: The Budos Band. We then move into afrobeat (not one, but TWO groups with Chicago connections and who are not the Chicago Afrobeat Ensemble!), then the beats you expect when you fly the lush Temposphere skies…some sexy music and Euro-pop in the mix, too. Enjoy!

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