April 2018 Spin with Cyn Archives

Whale in the Thames members joined, spinning songs from their upcoming "Whale Stampede" record, in advance of their record release extravaganza 4/20 at the Hook and Ladder. They also shared songs by bands performing their release party, favorites and stories.

Dale T. Nelson, lead singer Otto's Chemical Lounge, and huge record collector, brought in rock n roll rareties on vinyl, mostly from the '70s!

Walker and Simon of Dead Media joined in advance of Record Store Day, followed the Fox Loves live songs and interview!  The full Fox Loves in-studio is available here for streaming.

Romantica's Ben Kyle and Tony Zaccardi joined during the 1st hour, sharing songs from new album "Outlaws" and performing live!

Spin with Cyn celebrates the 40th Birthday of KFAI, spinning records from 1978. During the 2nd hour, Joe Holland (bass withTrash Street, Sex Rays, booker VFW Uptown) joined, spinning music by Trash Street who perform the KFAI Birthday Bash at the Hook, and music related to the upcoming Ramones Mania event (on Joey Ramone's Birthday) and favorites.