World Music

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The Vortex Radio Vortex  Fall into the Radio Vortex. Where will it lead? You won't know until you get sucked in. Free-form radio with no agenda, no playlists and no rules!!!  Join Abbi and Ollie as they delve deep into their collections of punk rock and all the bastard children that sprang from the loins of the best rock and roll from the past 70 years.


African Rhythms — 2 hours of music from the continent and beyond

Salif Keita and George (Jojo) Ndege bring you the sounds of Africa from the continent and beyond.

Every Thursday, join host Jumondeh Tweh as you’re taken across the globe to enjoy hand picked sounds from the afro-diaspora. He grew up listening to many styles of music, most of which have been black focused — coming from the islands, New York, west Africa and so on. Here on Afrique Nomad, you’ll explorer those genres past and present with him.

Balkan Jamboree is a music show both for those who are familiar with the treasure of the Balkan music and for those for whom the Balkan music is terra incognita. You all will have the opportunity to find out more about it but most of all I aim to bring enjoyment to everyone who is listening.

Balkan Jamboree show is a cultural outlet to the numerous Balkan communities.

Bonjour Minnesota on KFAI Radio

*Hosted by Frédéric Le Titi des Halles, Romain Lorentz & Adrien Carretero

Bonjour Minnesota features music and culture from France and francophone countries. Regions of France are explored: Paris and its many styles; southern France and its separate language.

This show brings you the latest in Lover's rock and dancehall reggae,calypso,and Soca music,also news and information in a weekly visit to the Caribbean with Lynval Jackson.

Century Song
Sunday 8:00 - 10:00 AM
Hosted by Dan Rein

Century Song...a round trip whirlwind radio journey through the world of traditional music.

Corazón Latino beats for you every Tuesday from 12:00-2:00 PM with your hosts, Eve and Carla.

Echo Chamber - Around the World in Dub

_*It's a Worldwide DUB Affair Baby!*_

Join "Dr. StrangeDub": and DJ Baby Swiss (aka "Capt. 2much FreeTime": in the Echo Chamber your worldwide dub club.