Aug. gig announcements, news 'n' stuff:

August gig announcements, other news 'n' stuff:

So, I've been a wee bit lax on the announcements pages recently... sorry!  But heads-up, skassengers... in September, the RSST (as well as the rest of the weekday 2:-5:a.m. timeslot) expands to 4 hours_ 2:a.m. all the way to 6! (" ...a four-hour toooour... ")  and the RSST's fanciful, 'cross-the-galaxy sci-fi "backstory" will get a bit of a rewrite.  Perhaps Sherwood's Planet will fall through a wormhole and wind up at the edge of the Andromeda Galaxy, or somewhere near the 3-galaxy "Tinkerbell" collision (ESO 593-IG 008, google it!) (, how would you like THAT taking up a large chunk of your night sky!)  It'll simply take longer to get to Sherwood's,  but believe me, it'll be worth the trip, as we will be looking to expand the show's overall stylistic offerings, especially during the 5-to-6!

Here's a waaaaaaaaay-in-advance doozie... The Beats Meet! Dave Wakeling, Paul Collins and their respective bands (or "Beats") will take the stage at the brand-new Mill City Nights, 111 5th St. N., downtown Minneapolis, 10/27/12, 9:p.m. To once again invoke one of my favorite Britishisms...  Crikey, I'm announcing October already!