Hussein Samatar exiting Somali Voices on August 21

August 21 marks my 10-year anniversary as a producer for Somali Voices on KFAI. It's hard to believe that my beginnings in community service have reached this milestone. It has been truly wonderful to be part of the KFAI family and to give back to the Twin Cities community that has welcomed me and my fellow Somalis. Somali Voices has aged well and remains one of the most popular and effective media to connect with what is now the largest Somali population in the Western world!

Yet everything that has a beginning must end sometime. And this is the time for me to move on. I leave Somali Voices in the capable hands of Mukhtar, Samatar and other up-and-coming producers.

Next Tuesday, August 21, will be my last night at the helm of the Somali Voices program.

Thank you all very much for your friendship and support throughout the years. I will miss you all.

Warmest regards,
Hussein Samatar