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Adventures of Patch and Click

Coming Up: The Adventures of Patch and Click - August 16, 23 & 30.

Patch wakes up to find that her memory has been stolen, and she's being taken by two Cyber Lw Enforcement officers into a dark alley. But, Patch is pretty clever, and she eludes the Law with the help of Click, a cyberhanced ferret who needs a job.  Along the way she'll also meet Click's gorgeous, brainy human roommate, KC.  Then there are other denizens of this seedy side of cyberspace: DC (Double Click) a demented ferret whose cyberhancing went a bit over the top; Gepeto, a giant sloth who sings; Larry the Lemur and the Lemurmobile; Resplendent the cyberhanced poetic Bear; Ethel the nonviolent Fred Gun; and country star Clint Mauve, the mule with a secret.  She'll learn where she got the cool leather jacket, some details about the Species Separation Act, and how the Cyber Law has been tracking her. 

Two episodes each week (total, six) on Sound Affects: A Radio Playground.

Written and directed by Ed Lehmann.  Produced by Dave Lassa.  Starring Leah LoSchiavo at Patch, and Dave Waterman as Click (and many others). Original music by Matt Cowley.  From the SoundStage, at WMNF FM/TV in Tampa, FL. 

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