Keeping it Real about Divisive Media

In a time when our ability to have public discourse about, well, anything seems to be falling apart, this Sunday's Wave Project tells us: Let's keep it real together. Join host Maxeem Konrardy and his co-host, Kathy, as they seek unity in a sea of divisive media.

Through dialogue, Maxeem and Kathy will look at different ways people see the media and try to show compassion and understanding for all sides, while avoiding the pitfalls of social media world-narrowing that causes us to tune into only what we already agree with and increasingly distance ourselves from each other as a result.

Because this divisiveness and inability to entertain other opinions affects us all, call-ins are welcome in the last part of the program. At 10:40 Central time, Maxeem and Kathy welcome you to call 612-341-0980 and share your thoughts and experiences on this topic. Music will also be featured on the program because it's likely we will need artistic breaks throughout the hour. Tune in!